Hello, my name is Randall Patterson and welcome to my website. I'm a Texan, born and raised, with a passion for nature and wildlife. I've always been an outdoors adventurist, and from a very early age I was very interested in birds. It all began with my first bird book around 6 years old and was always outside identifying every bird I could find. Throughout my life, I've always fed birds and enjoyed their company when they would visit my feeder. I find such a peacefulness watching them. In a short time I've grown very fond of photography and of course my main subject is birds. So after 6 years of learning, traveling and making a lot of great friends along the way, I'm proud to begin sharing my work. Every day is a new journey for me, be it a beautiful sunrise in north Texas and a rare chance to photograph our nations symbol the Bald Eagle or just watching the Mallard Ducks come in for a landing in a local neighborhood pond. I hope you enjoy my website and always be kind to our little feathered friends! I Use Canon Cameras and lenses. My Camera bodies are 7D Mark II, 5DSR, 5D Mark 4 and 1DX II . Lenses 100/400 version II, 600mm F/4 IS, 400mm 2.8 IS, 400mmDO IS ll With 2X Extender.

Best Wishes,

Randall Patterson